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  • End your special message of love this Children’s Day only with India Gifts Hub

    Children are the best gift of God but sometimes they need gifts as well. Rabindranath Tagore said in his writings, “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” Man makes crime, man makes war and man kills man too but children are the robust example in the earth that he does not forget to love. We still prefer not give up all our hopes for the life because of our child, the messenger of innocence, the angel sent by God. We celebrate Children’s Day every year to make ourselves remember about these things.

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    This particular day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In India we use to celebrate our Children’s Day on 14th November which is actually the birthday of Pundit Shri Jawaharlal Nehru who became the first prime minister of India after the independence. He was considered as the perfect blend of Indian spiritual philosophy and Western scientific and analytical thoughts. He brought various child rights and development projects into action and also spread his sterling concern about them to build the future India, dream India. The famous US president John F. Kennedy also understood the necessity of the perfect bringing up for any child for the sake of building up a better nation for the future and he said, “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

    Making a child happy is hard but if you can really impress him or her you would be much happier and if you really think in this way here is the day when you can give all your efforts. Child Psychologists always suggest all the parents to avoid indulging the children every time in all their demands and caprices. According to them, agreeing in all the matters asked by the children and fulfilling all their demands increase their greed and leads them to greenness.Now you may be wondering about the solutions and thinking of asking me that in which way you can show your love to them. Yes, I have a suggestion which is cost effective and psychologically correct at the same time i.e. why don’t you pick some particular days in a year to offer your child the best gift within your affordability? It will never allow your child to expect things unnecessary and limitless. After the birthday of your child this particular day can be the second best option for you to offer your child the ‘special gift’.

    Starting from the best comic book in the town to the best video game can be counted among the best gifts for this particular day. But before buying anything you need to be well aware of your child’s desires and demands. If your child likes to play outdoor games, no reason to gift him or her large set of indoor games. If your child likes read comic books of Tintin, Aesterix, Phantoms or Mandrakes there is no reason in gifting him or her gospel audio CDs.The best idea is to know your child well before offering him or her anything as gift. But one thing I can be always sure of that never fails when you are gifting it to a child i.e. Chocolates which can comes up with cakes, pastries, cookies or even ice creams.

    The scene is pretty different for those parents who had to send their children to some other places for studying or maybe they themselves are living in some other places for the sake of job. The more the distance is the urge to impress the child is equally strong. If you cannot impress your child in every occasion, the fear of distance increases in such a manner that you would never expect in reality. In my point of view cookies and chocolates are mandatory when you are sending gifts to your child on Children’s Day but that should be accompanied with the special dish made of your own hand to make him delight and feel the real touch of you. You can also send your picture or a picture that projects both of you together or may be a parent-child album with the other gifts which can bring all the memories to him or her. A careful parent wherever they are can bring up their child most responsible and successful if they really afford to know and understand them deeply. May this Children Day bring all the happiness to your children and let them step one more step ahead to be a responsible Indian for the future era.

  • Why is it important to make the Bhaidooj Present Special for your sister?

    India is a land of many festivals. The diversity in the Indian culture allows people from different religions to celebrate the festivals with joy and contentment. Perhaps, celebrating festivals of different religion is the most remarkable quality of the country. It shows the strength and mutual respect for every religion, equally appreciated by everyone. Hindus have a wide number of festivals throughout the year, Diwali is the most revered and largely celebrated throughout the country. It is one of the most prominent festivals of Hindu religion. Diwali is not a festival of a single day, but commemorated with a collection of lots of days to be celebrated during Diwali. Each day before and after Diwali has immense importance in terms of traditions and culture.

    Seeing Diwali as one of the most revered festivals, it is quite common to expect that millions of people celebrate the festival. Everyone knows about Diwali, but Bhai Dooj also hold a huge prominence. Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the fifth day of the Diwali and has huge importance in bonding the family relations. It is the festival of brother and sisters. There is a lot more connection between Rakhi and Bhai Dooj. These days are believed to be celebrated on the emphasis on protecting their sisters from any difficulties.

    The festival is known to be celebrated right from the times of Gods and Goddesses. It is known that celebration of the festival began, when Lord Krishna made a visit to his sister; in return Shubhadra greets him and applied Tilak on his forehead. The application of Tilak on the forehead is a proof that their brothers are always available to protect them.

    Bhai Dooj is celebrated in a traditional manner. Brothers pay a visit to their sister and greet them with sweets and delicacies. The ritual begins by performing Aarti and applying Tilak on their forehead. This signifies that brother will always protect their sister under any situation. Brothers in return, present gifts to their sister as a token of their love and gesture.

    When it comes to gifts, there are lot of unique ideas, which can be presented by brothers and sisters, likewise. Let’s take a look at some of the most gifts that can be presented to each on this auspicious occasion.

    For Sisters:


    The best gift for any sister, chocolates are the soul of women. If sisters are not too old, you can always present them a bag of chocolates. It is sure going to melt the mood of the women.

    Bhaidooj Gifts For Sister

    Flowers and Cakes

    Another entry on the list that doesn’t need an introduction. Flowers are beautiful and stunning and loved by all women, irrespective of their age. Order a bouquet of flowers and a creative cake to bring smile on your sister’s face.


    When you are in a mood of presenting something classy and elegant, jewelries are the right choice. Without a doubt, it is one of the most auspicious gift for such auspicious occasions. Rings, earrings, pendants and many more can be presented as a gift to sisters.

    Whichever gift you choose, each of them is the best one for Bhai Dooj. More than a gift, it is a token of your love and gesture towards your siblings.

  • Why must you plan ahead for his Diwali Gift?

    Diwali can be considered as one of the most awaited festivals of India. There is no other festival that deserves more recognition than Diwali. Perhaps, it is the reunion of families that makes this festival even more auspicious. As everyone know, it is a festival of light and a perfect occasion to present gifts to the families and loved ones. Lights, Fireworks and Diyas are some of the common sights seen during Diwali. Everyone loves Gifts. No matter the age, gifts is adored by everyone. Have you ever considered that your hubby, brother or boyfriend also needs something to present with. It is a common knowledge that girl loves gifts, but simply receiving gifts isn’t a wise choice. Being a wife/ girlfriend, it is your responsibility to present some gifts for your love.

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    No other festivals get so much attention as Diwali. The shops are filled with new gifts and you must be ready to grab the opportunity or else it might be too late to buy that special gift. Planning ahead for Diwali gift is very important as you may not have enough time to buy for a later time. There are many reasons that qualify to plan on buying the Diwali gifts. Let’s take a look at some of the affecting reasons to make you plan ahead to buy gifts for him.


    As mentioned, Diwali brings lots of new items and gifts in the market, so it is only natural that everyone will be on a shopping spree to the get the best item in the market. Since, there will be so much crowd in the market, it is only appropriate to plan ahead of the time to enjoy shopping without any hassle. Always make use of proper time to grab the best gift for him.

    Limited Options

    New items are easily grabbed as soon as they arrive in the market. It is quite common for everyone to get hold of items of their choice in the market. You might often find that shopping malls are completely squeezed of the items by thousands of visitors, all the remaining items are simply leftovers or less attractive. Whenever you go shopping at such time, you will often find yourself in the dilemma of picking the wrong gift or the one which wasn’t intended at the first place. More badly, you might end buying nothing at all. Planning ahead of time to buy the gifts will give you enough options in whatever department you would like to buy the gift for him.


    It is natural human tendency to like some gifts and dislike them as well.  You may present a gift to him, but it is not necessary that he will like it. He might appreciate your love and feelings attached to the gift, but likability is a personal choice. So, he might end up not liking the gift that you have brought. Some of the retailers do provide the option of exchanging the products, so if your hubby doesn’t like the gift that you have brought for him, you can always replace it to his liking. Planning ahead is very important as time does not wait for anyone and once the occasion passes by, exchanging the gift is merely a formality afterwards.

    It is always better to choose and plan ahead for the Diwali gifts. With so much rush in the market, it is better to make preparations in the mind with the options of his liking, so that you can get an ideal present for him in Diwali. You need to make sure that whatever you give to him, the gifts holds a mark of remembrance for the rest of the life. Planning and Preparing ahead will ensure that you get the best gift from the market.

  • Diwali Gifts with Lots of Love for Her

    Diwali is the festival of lights and love. Most of the Indian festivals are celebrated with joy, but none can come to Diwali. The most respected festival of India, celebrated throughout the country. Anniversaries and Birthdays aren’t the only occasions to present gifts to your loved ones, may it be a girlfriend or wife. Women love gifts under any occasion, you don’t even need any occasion to present gifts. However, Diwali is sure a memorable occasion to give some memorable gifts. There are so many options to buy a gift for your girl, you often get confused on choosing the right one. Since, Diwali is a special event, it requires a special gift. Here are the best available gifts to give it to your love.

    Diwali Gifts image source:

    Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

    A more technological and trendy way to give gift to your love. It doesn’t matter, if she is your friend, girlfriend or wife, electronic gadgets are sure going to bring a huge smile on their face. Give her a smartphone so you always stay connected to her or give her mp3 player or iPod with some romantic songs added to it, it will make her irascible.


    Pendants, Rings, necklaces, etc. are some of the most presentable and alluring gifts to give to your loved ones. Varieties of designs are available in the market, offering at different price range, you can always choose according to your budget. Gold, Silver, or Platinum, any of these will bring smile on her face.

    Diwali Gifts image source:


    Chocolates are one of the most tempting and appealing gifts for your loved ones. With so many styles and varieties, you will be more than delighted to present one. Since, it is an affordable option, be sure to present her with lots of chocolates, so your gift will be remembered for a lifetime. One more thing, you can also give some cards with set of chocolates. Add little love speech and her joy will be out of this world.


    This may sound a bit surprising, but candles are one of the most loved items by girls. They are so much attracted to candles that they will remember it for a lifetime. You can always make use of those candles to bring that ambience of love in your life. Even scented candles are also available in the market to bring forth that lovely feeling of romance in your life.


    Have you seen any Diwali without sweets? We bet, no Diwali is complete without sweets. A much more traditional gift option to present to your love. Present the sweets of her choice as a gift and let her enjoy the moments as she savor those sweets.


    There is no better gift than some set of clothes for your girl. May it be a skirt, one piece or gown, it doesn’t really matter as each one of them is going to make her extra loving towards you. Make sure to understand her taste in clothing and buy more than one to surprise her even more.

    Make this Diwali more special with some of the most romantic and extravagant gifts for your girl. Show your love for her by presenting some of the most promising and romantic gifts in this Diwali. There are many gifts in the market, which you can always buy depending on your budget and liking.

  • Bhai Dooj – Let you brother know how special he is to you

    We may have moved to the 21st century, we may have moved to a society where time is considered as precious as money, but we still keep faith on our culture and lucky enough for not being disrupted from our root. Bhai Dooj is a festival which we can never afford to forget if we are true Indians, if we respect our cultures and above all if we love our family relationships. Bhai Dooj is performed annually right on the 2nd day after the Dipavali / Diwali celebration and taken part by the nationwide people.

    Bhai Dooj Gifts image source:


    It is believed that this holy festival is a sign of overcoming the darkness after the new moon day. The eternal love between the brothers and the sisters are observed best in this festival where the sisters usually mark a phonta/tika on the foreheads of their dear brothers. They also keep early hour fasts in order to bring long life blessings of their brothers and also for a stronger bondage with them. This mark is usually a water solution of sandalwood though there are many classes and casts who use curd and ghee to make this mark. The motive behind this celebration is to keep the brothers away from all the dangers and curses. This festival is also termed as Bhai Phonta (celebrated by the Bengalis), BhauBeej (celebrated by Marathi and Gujarati) and Bhai Tika (celebrated by Nepalese). It is often described as a perfect farewell for the series, festivals that starts from Ganesh Chaturthy.

    Yes, like any other festivals in India, Bhai Dooj is also celebrated with sweets and gifts but in this case all the exchanges remain between the brothers and the sisters. But I must say that the younger siblings always stay at the advantageous position in this festival whoever it may be. They are offered with costly and jaw dropping gifts of their choices from their elder siblings. Elder sisters usually cook delicious dishes and buy beautiful gifts for their younger brothers. Elder brothers also bring delicious sweets, precious gifts for their younger sisters. They enjoy the whole long day together happily and joyously.

    It is often seen that many brothers and sisters have to stay far from each other for the sake of occupation or may be study, sometimes they live in other states and sometimes in other nations. It is utterly painful to all of them when they are not given leaves or holidays by their bosses or principals so that they can celebrate their favorite occasion with their dear siblings. I suggest all those poor souls to not to get depressed and plan something different and smart.

    Bhai Dooj Gifts image source:

    Flowers and Chocolate can never go old fashioned and they can always afford to send it to their younger siblings by courier. The best dark chocolate and a beautiful bouquet of orchids can make him happy like anything and can also fill up your absence to him. You are suggested not to forget writing a small note over the gift wrap as the token of love. Most of the Sweetmeat sellers and the confectionery shops have their special arrangements and products for this very day which can be another best option to send to the brothers from the elder sisters.If you are an elder sister and your brother is around 3 to 4 years younger than you then electronic gadgets like Mobile Phones. Tablets, Computer Game DVDs, Wrist Watches or something like that to impress them in your absence.But it hardly matters if they got least affection over these things; you can still send him other gifts like movie tickets or beautiful music CDs to make his day beautiful and gorgeous. You can also send him more than just one single ticket so that they can enjoy the movie with all his friends. A beautifully designed photo album filled up with the beautiful memories shared by both of you can be another best gift for any brother in a Bhai Dooj day. But above all, a dear sister always knows what her brother likes and she is also aware of the gift preferences of her dear brother. Here in this article I just tried to make some choices from which sisters can pick anyone up to win the hearts of their younger siblings in this year Bhai Dooj day. So enjoy this day whole heartedly and wish every grace of God for the brothers.

  • The best of Gifting Ideas for you this Diwali

    Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It brings joy, happiness and country’s rich tradition to be enjoyed with full affection. Lights, Diyas and Fireworks are seen in every street and alley. It is a festival of reunion, where friends and families meet together to enjoy the celebration of the New Year. Children receive blessing from their parents and relatives, in return, they present gifts to each other. Gifts are a great way to express your love and emotion to your loved ones. However, with so many types of gift choices, it gets pretty hard to decide the ideal gifts. Many factors play in choosing the gifts, such as age, gender, likeness, relation and many more. You can always be innovative with unique gift ideas to present in Diwali. Let’s take a look at some of the Gift Ideas for Diwali.


    No matter the occasion, chocolates is the best gift choices for any age group, especially for kids. There are varieties of chocolates available in the market. It can range from Dry-fruit chocolates to flavored ones. It really doesn’t matter, which one to choose because any of them is sure going to bring the joy. With an innovative box of chocolates, one can easily pick to their budget and present as a sign of feelings.

    Diwali Chocolates to India


    Let this Diwali blossom with some royal gift. Dry fruits have been known to be the royal gifts, since ancient times. Offering a box of varieties of Dry Fruits is sure going to bring a lot of joy in your family. Why settle for some common gift, when you can give something classy.

    Diwali Dry Fruits to India



    This new world has brought a lot more options as gifts and what else can be better than presenting beautiful flowers to your loved ones. They are better than clothes, shoes and accessories, and most expressive ones at it too. A new approach to new world and a very unique one as well with exotic bouquets.

    Silver Gifts

    Silver is a priced metal that can be presented as a gift. There are many sacred deities available in silver crafts, which is a great way to express love and emotions. Silver gifts can be presented in the form of idols, coins, accessories etc.

    Gift Hampers

    Imagine, you are presented with a basket of gift hampers of different varieties, sweet isn’t it? Gift Hampers can be a great choice for Diwali gifts. You can give sweets, sets, chocolates, firecrackers etc. in the basket. This is one of the most effective gift ideas to present to your loved ones.


    Perhaps, one of the most glittering gift ideas to someone special. Jewelries are a great gift to give to your family members and loved ones. There are endless varieties of jewelries ranging from rings, necklaces, ear rings, and many more. No other gift can come so close other than presenting some elegant jewelry.

    It doesn’t really matter, which of the gifts you decide to buy and give it as a present, the importance lies in adding that feeling of love with the gift. Many other gift ideas flourish in the market, you can choose to be either innovative and make one by yourself, or rather get the mentioned gifts, you are sure going to bring joy on the faces of loved ones. Let this Diwali be a grand remembrance for you and your family.

  • Planning to Send Gifts to India, Read This First

    Gifts to India is defined as anything given free of cost, and is considered as priceless by the receiver. Since time immortal, the trend of exchanging valuables has been in practice. There are descriptions in caves showing exchange of animals, which suggest that even cave dweller was also fond of giving, gifts. The most intelligent mammal after human i.e., chimpanzee also gifts eatables to females in its area.

    There is a basic difference between gift and alms. While the former is an expression of love, the later is to show kindness towards people in need. Generally, gifts are exchanged between friends, relatives, colleagues, and lovers. It is one of the best ways to show affection towards others and build strong relations. In the older times, monarchs exchanged gold ornaments, artifacts, precious stones, artistic items, horses, elephants, and even slaves. In the modern democracies, the diplomats exchanged gifts in meetings to show solidarity between people of different countries.

    1 kg Chocolate Photo Cake

    Equally important is the packing of gift items. Imagine receiving Cakes to India with creamy icing gone on the way or a t-shirt with black marks over it. Not only the inside stuff, the wrapper should also look neat otherwise it may appear as if the gift is recycled. Do you know - In China, all gift items are wrapped in red glossy paper, and tied with a golden ribbon? You may easily find online many innovative ideas to pack your gift. For example, if you wish to send anniversary flowers to India, the best way would be to order them online. This way their freshness would be preserved. Some online sellers also offer free shipping for sending birthday gifts to India.

    Gifts for Him: Your friend’s, brother’s, father’s, or husband’s birthday round the corner? Send Birthday Flowers to India via premium online florists. You can pair a beautiful bouquet with a pen, a book, or a perfume.

    Men like Birthday Gifts to India that has a utility e.g. after shave lotion, trimmer, pocket diary, handbag, wallet, alarm clock, wristwatch, or hat. Other all time favorites are apparels like shirt, t-shirt, tie, blazer, jeans, pullover, cardigan, handkerchief, muffler, belt, and cufflinks. Most men enjoy sports and some are regular in playing games like golf or tennis. You can gift them their favorite sports equipment e.g. a tennis racquet or a baseball bat. We all enjoy drinking coffee in a personalized mug. Depending on their interest, some like handicrafts like a designer cigar or a personal cigarette lighter.

    Majority of young men enjoy watching films and listening music, on the other hand older men have a craving for books. So, if you want a gift for your grandpa, you must try the latest bestseller novel and in case it’s your younger brother, gifting him the latest movie DVD would make him happy. You must use your imagination to select the best gift because most people like creativity. An easy way to solve your dilemma is to search online for the best gift for your friend, relative, and colleague. You can get the gifts delivered directly to any destination across the globe e.g. if you want to wish your brother on his birthday but he stays in India, you can send Flowers to India directly by shopping online.

    Gifts for Her: Contrary to men, women have a taste for jewelry items. To some extent, the saying that a woman loves diamonds more than anything else, is partially true. Depending on the occasion, you may choose an appropriate ornament for her e.g. if it’s her birthday, a bracelet is a nice choice, but if it’s her marriage, nothing less than a necklace paired with Wedding Flowers to India would be acceptable.

    We all love flowers but women have a special craving for their fragrance. You can send her a bouquet or basket of roses on any occasion. With online florists, you can now send fresh Anniversary Flowers to India sitting anywhere in the world, at the click of mouse. Nothing can smell like a rose, but if you want her to remember you, gift her favorite perfume.

    Almost all women love chocolates and sweets. Earlier it was difficult to send cakes to India but now it can be done easily, thanks to the Internet. Women are less choosy than men, and you can present things like make-up kit, kitchenware, cookery books, fashion magazines for Anniversary Gifts to India makes a wonderful choice. There is long list of accessories like handbags, purses, hair clips, brooch, personalized hats, sandals, belts, umbrellas, scarf, and ribbons that makes excellent Birthday Gifts to India for her.

    Gifts for Children: Every child loves toys. They can talk with their favorite toy for hours without anyone knowing where they are. Although every child is unique and special, they all have one thing in common and that is- love for their school bag. They remember the person who gifted them their school bag forever. Along with the bag other belongings like water bottle, lunchbox, pencil box, stationary items, comic books, and masks are also a good choice. All children have craving for cakes. If you want send a birthday cake to India with the poster of your son’s favorite cartoon character on it, he will surely like it.

    If you are planning to send birthday gifts to India, make sure you enter the destination address clearly along with the mobile number of the receiver. This way you can ensure a timely delivery. You can now track your wedding gifts to India through a free mobile app offered by online stores. This way you can be sure of its timely delivery and enjoy peace of mind.

    So, stop waiting, place your Order Today!

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